The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) is mandated by the Ontario government to administer the Travel Industry Act, 2002. All travel retailers and travel wholesalers selling travel services from a location in the Province of Ontario are required to be registered under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 with TICO.

Selling travel services in and from the Province of Ontario without TICO registration is a contravention of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and may result in charges being laid under the Act. This also applies to anyone who has submitted a TICO Application for Registration which is pending approval from TICO.

All registered travel retailers and travel wholesalers must meet requirements relating to financial criteria and provide full disclosure to consumers and meet advertising guidelines.

Once registered, the licence must be renewed annually at the registrant’s fiscal year anniversary. Renewal fees are based on a registrant’s current annual sales volume.

To access TICO Registration Forms - click here

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Useful Definitions:

Travel Retailer (Travel Agency)

The Travel Industry Act, 2002 refers a travel retailer (travel agency) as a travel agent and defines "travel agent as a person who sells, to consumers, travel services provided by another person.”

Travel Wholesaler (Tour Operator)

The Travel Industry Act, 2002 defines a travel wholesaler as “a person who acquires rights to travel services for the purpose of resale to a travel agent or who carries on the business of dealing with travel agents or travel wholesalers for the sale of travel services provided by another person.”

Travel Service

The Travel Industry Act, 2002 defines a travel service.  Travel services are defined as "transportation or sleeping accommodation for the use of a traveller, tourist or sightseer or other services combined with that transportation or sleeping accommodation”.

Requirements of TICO Registration

  • $3,000.00 application fee by certified cheque or money order.
  • A completed TICO registration form.
  • A résume and letters of reference from previous employers for the designated manager, photo ID and copy of TICO Education Standard certificate(s). (References will be checked).
  • The designated Manager must have sufficient travel industry experience (minimum 3 years) and must have successfully met the Education Standard and obtained TICO Certification for both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager Exam.  More information - click here
  • A Registrant must have at least one officer or director who is a resident of Ontario.
  •  Opening proforma balance sheet or current financial statements indicating a positive working capital.
  • Security deposit in the amount of $10,000.00 (Letter of Credit, bank draft or certified cheque from your financial institution in Ontario). The security deposit will be returned to the applicant after the filing of two consecutive year end financial statements provided that the Registrar has no concerns about the registrant’s compliance with the Act.

  • Confirmation of trust account(s). A letter from your financial institution in Ontario must be submitted, in the format provided by TICO and must be designated as a Travel Industry Act Trust Account.

  • Trust Declaration form must be acknowledged.

  • If a Trade style name is used, it must be registered with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services - Service Ontario.  Provide a copy of the Master Business Licence.
  • If officers and/or directors are different from those listed in the articles of incorporation, Form 1 must be filed with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services - Service Ontario.
  • Carrying on business from a dwelling requires the permission of the Municipality responsible for enforcing local zoning requirements.  The applicant is required to provide a copy of the approval from the Municipality.
  • If applying for both retail and wholesale registration, separate applications and fees must be submitted.
  • Wholesale applicants must provide a business/marketing plan.
  • Wholesale applicants must obtain written approval from Registrar, Travel Industry Act 2002, before entering into any ‘risk contracts’ with scheduled or non scheduled air carriers.
  • Disclose all particulars regarding any bankruptcies, judgements, discharges.
  • Provide criminal record check for each owner, officer, director, shareholder and designated manager named on the application.  This can be obtained from some OPP detachments or most Municipal Police Services.*  The information can also be obtain within 24 hours from an online background check service provider.  For the convenience of applicants, TICO has partnered with myBackCheck to assist applicants to expediate their registration process.  To request a BackCheck Report - click here
  • Provide copy of government photo identification for each owner, officer, director, shareholder and designated manager named on the application.*

* Not applicable for shareholder of publicly traded corporation.

TICO Registration Application Fees (New Applications)

The application for registration fee is payable at the time of submission of the application. TICO Registration Application Fees are in accordance with TICO's Fee Schedule.

Application Fees for a new registration are as follows:

Travel Agent or Travel Wholesale - Head Office $3,000
Travel Agent or Travel Wholesale - Branch Office $800

If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of TICO’s Registration Kit, including an application form, a full list of requirements and a copy of the Travel Industry Act, 2002, please contact TICO at 1-888-451-8426 or email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Registration Department is here to assist you with any questions.

TICO Registration Renewal Fees


In accordance with TICO's Fee Schedule for Registration Renewal Fees, a renewal fee is payable for each retail and wholesale registration held. The renewal fees are for a one year period. The renewal fees are based on reported gross sales in Ontario during the last fiscal year as follows:

$2,000,000 or less $300
More than $2,000,000 but not more than $5,000,000 $600
More than $5,000,000 but not more than $10,000,000 $900
More than $10,000,000 but not more than $50,000,000 $1,200
Over $50,000,000 $1,800


An additional fee is required for each branch office:

Branch Office(s) $300 each


Branch renewal dates will be aligned with the renewal date of their head office. TICO Registration renewal fees are payable 90 days after the registrant's year end.

"New" Online Registration Renewal Portal

TICO has recently launched its online registration renewal portal.  Registrants will now receive an email 60 days prior to their registration expiry date with detailed instructions on how to complete the process online. A hard copy registration package will no longer be sent by Canada Post.  

The new portal allows registrant renewal payments to be made by credit card, within the portal.

Alternatively, registrants still have the option of using online banking (use payee name TICO-Reg Renewal) or sending a cheque to complete their payment. For instructions to pay using online banking – click here

Notice of Ceasing to Sell Travel Services

A registrant that knows that it will cease to sell travel services at least 10 days before doing so shall provide written notice to the registrar as soon as practicable, but in no event less than 10 days before ceasing to sell travel services.

How to Make Changes to TICO Registration Information

When a TICO Registrant has changes to its registration information, all Registrants are required to notify the Registrar at least 5 days before any of the following events by completing a Notice of Business Change Form:

  • Change of address to the office or branch office.
  • Change of the person named as the Supervisor/Manager on the TICO Registration for the office or branch office.
  • Change in the name or number of a bank account including a change in financial institution in which an account is required to be maintained.
  • Change or addition of URL (Website) address(es)

TICO Registrants are required to notify the Registrar at least 5 days after the following event and complete a Notice of Business Change Form:

  • Change in the Directors of a Registrant that is a Corporation.

Change of Shareholder(s)

A Registrant must advise the Registrar within 5 days if there is a change of shareholders. If the shareholder change is an individual, a Notice of Business Change Form must be completed along with a copy of the shareholder resolution. If the new shareholder is a corporation, a Corporate Shareholder Information Form is required.

Checklist for Change of Ownership

If the registrant is a corporation and there is a majority change of ownership, the following documents are required and must be submitted to TICO:

  • Complete Notice of Business Change form (NOBC-2010-5)
  • Security Deposit in the amount of $10,000.00 for each registrant.
  • Latest financial statement or Opening Balance Sheet of the registrant at the time of closing; minimum working capital must be met as per Section 24 of Regulation 26/05.
    • Must include Reconciliation of Customer Liabilities (trust reconciliation)
    • Must provide details of any prepaid expenses and any outstanding liabilities
  • Designated Manager must pass TICO exams. Schedule “A”, Detailed Resume, proof of travel industry experiences, copy of TICO Education Standard certificates are required.
  • Copy of Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
  • Copy of Board of Directors Resolution regarding the transfer of shares.
  • Copy of Form 1 submitted to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Service Ontario to update the officers/directors of the corporation.
  • Submit criminal record checks for each new officer, director and manager.
  • Background checks and credit checks will be done on new officer(s), director(s), shareholder(s) and manager. Government Photo ID must be submitted.
  • Acknowledge Terms and Conditions of Registration.

** Please note that the old owner(s) are still liable to the company until such time as the new owners(s) are approved by TICO.

Add or Change of Officer(s) and Director(s)

A Registrant must notify the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and complete a Form 1. The Government Form will require the updated information for the new Officers Directors to be provided. A Registrant must then complete a TICO Notice of Business Form and provide a copy of the completed Government Form.

Change of Fiscal Year End

A Registrant must advise the Registrar of a change to their fiscal year end and complete a Notice of Business Change Form which must be accompanied by a letter from Revenue Canada approving the year end change.

TICO Registration is Not Transferable

Should a Registrant sell the assets of the company, the TICO registration is not transferable to the purchasers. The purchaser must complete a TICO registration Form and meet the registration requirements to establish a new TICO registration.

If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of a TICO’s Business Change Form,  please contact TICO at 1-888-451-8426 or email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Registration Department is here to assist you with any questions.

General Registration Information

Registration Process

TICO's Registration process can take between two to four weeks. This time frame may vary depending on how complete the application is and whether further documentation or information is required.

Travel Counsellors

Travel counsellors and/or employees of TICO Registrants are not required to be registered with TICO.  The actions of travel counsellors are the responsibility of the Registrant and they should be either employed or have a written contract.

Outside Sales Representative

An Outside Sales Representative is a person selling travel services who has a signed contract with a registered travel agency and has met the TICO Education Standard. All business conducted must be through the registered travel agency with whom the contract is signed.

Supervisor / Manager

During the registration application process, TICO will take into consideration the travel industry experience gained outside Canada for the person named on the application as the Supervisor/Manager.  A detailed resume outlining the person’s experience accompanied by original letters of reference and records of employment from current and/or previous employers are required to be submitted to TICO.

New managers are required to meet the TICO Education Standard for both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager levels.

TICO Education Standard

Every person who is working for a registered Ontario retail travel agency and is selling travel services or providing travel advice to the public must, by law, meet the TICO's Education Standards which came into effect on July 1, 2009. This includes Supervisors and Managers on a registrant's registration record with TICO.  For more information on TICO's Education Standards - click here

Letter of Credit / Security

A Letter of Credit is a security deposit that TICO will hold until the registrant has filed two consecutive financial statements under section 22 of the Regulation. The Registrar may continue to keep the security if he/she has concerns about the Registrant's compliance. TICO will only accept a Letter of Credit from a financial institution in Ontario or a certified cheque or bank draft in the amount of $10,000 payable to TICO.

Internet Based Travel Business in Ontario

If a retail or wholesale travel business is based in Ontario and only sells travel services through the Internet, without any walk-in sales, the legislation still requires that the travel retailer or travel wholesaler carry on business from a permanent place of business that is not a dwelling unless the provisions of subsection 10(2) of Ontario Regulation 26/05 are met.  Therefore the commercial location of the travel business must be registered with TICO.  All books and records are to be kept at this location.

Registering with Service Ontario of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services prior to registering with TICO

All applicants must register their company either as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, as well as your business name or trade style name, with Service Ontario, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. You may register online at  or contact the Ministry's General Enquiry Centre at: Toll Free: 1-800-268-1142 / Toronto: (416) 326-8555 or TTY: (416) 326-8566.

Previously Bankrupt - Eligibility for Registration

TICO Registration Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. Those individuals who have been discharged from a bankruptcy may be considered for registration however they must submit official documentation confirming they have been discharged and provide any other relevant information with regards to the bankruptcy with the TICO Registration Form.

Shared Office Space

A TICO Registrant may share office space with another company provided that it meets certain requirements. This issue should be discussed with a TICO Registration Officer.