The Study Manual is available, free of charge, on the TICO website. The format is PDF. An Adobe program download has been provided for those who require it to access the PDF. The Study Manual is formatted to be printed back-to-back for those who have printers with two-sided printing capability.

TICO strongly recommends that candidates do not sit the TICO Education Standard exam(s) without prior study of the Study Manual.

Note: The Study Manual is being revised to remove references to the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC) and its website. In the interim, please disregard the references to the CITC website in the Study Manual.

TICO Education Standards Study Manual

Free Downloadable Version (PDF)

The Study Manual is available free and may be downloaded in PDF format. To download a copy of the TICO Study Manual Click here 


TICO Education Standards Study Manual – Course Outline

The Study Manual is organized into two sections that correspond to the two levels of the program.

Exam candidates are urged to read all nine modules of the Study Manual, however, only Modules 1-5 are required reading for the Travel Counsellor Exam. Modules 6-9 relate specifically to the Supervisor/Manager Exam requirement.

Each module in the Study Manual includes

  • Outcomes (what information you will acquire)
  • Section-by-section explanations of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05 as they pertain to that Module
  • A short self-test quiz with an answer key

The Travel Counsellor Section

The first section, comprising Modules 1-5, contains information that specifically relates to travel counsellors in the Province of Ontario. Every person who is working for a retail travel agency and is selling travel services or providing travel advice to the public must write the Travel Counsellor Exam based on the first five modules of the Study Manual. This includes supervisor/managers.

Module 1: Background and Role of TICO

Module 2: Overview of the Travel Industry Act, 2002

Module 3: Advertising and Registrant Obligations Before the Sale

Module 4: Registrant Obligations After the Sale – but before the client travels

Module 5: Ontario Travel Compensation Fund

Sample Exam Questions and Answers:

At the back of the Study Manual, there is a sample Travel Counsellor Exam to help candidates prepare for the actual Travel Counsellor exam.

For the answers to the sample exam questions - click here 

The Supervisor/Manager Section

The second level of the program is for supervisors and managers, comprising Modules 6-9 in the Study Manual. Every travel agency is required to name a Supervisor/Manager on their application for registration or renewal. This individual is the Supervisor/Manager “on record” with TICO and must write and pass the Supervisor/Manager Exam to be approved by the Registrar.

Please note that all supervisors and managers or other individuals who may wish to advance in the industry in the future are welcome and encouraged to take the exam. A combination exam is available for those wishing to write both the Travel Counsellor and the Supervisor/Manager exams at the same time.

Module 6 : Registration Requirements

Module 7 : Financial and Record-Keeping Requirements

Module 8 : Complaints

Module 9 : Investigations and Offences

Sample Exam Questions and Answers:

At the back of the Manual, there is a sample Supervisor/Manager Exam to help candidates prepare for the actual Supervisor/Manager Exam.

For the answers to the same exam questions - click here