When you have a complaint against an Ontario travel agency and/or tour operator:

TICO will address a complaint only after the consumer has made an attempt to resolve the matter directly with the travel agency and/or travel wholesaler. TICO recommends that you put your complaint in writing to the travel company involved, explain why you are not satisfied and explain how the matter could be resolved to your satisfaction.

If you remain dissatisfied with the company’s response, then you have the option of filing a written complaint through TICO.

Examples of some complaint issues with which TICO can assist:

Examples of complaint issues with which TICO cannot assist: 

While the problems listed below may be valid, they are unfortunately outside the scope of the legislation: 

TICO recommends that consumers keep in mind that different living standards exist outside Canada and there is not an international standard for rating hotels. You may always contact TICO’s Complaints Department to see if your issues fall within our jurisdiction. 

Requests for information regarding complaints against a particular travel company: 

TICO’s records in relation to the administration and enforcement of the Act and Regulation are confidential and details of any complaints can not be released to the public. TICO will confirm whether or not a travel company is properly registered with TICO as required under the Travel Industry Act, 2002 to operate and sell travel services in the Province of Ontario. 

Administrative action against a travel agency or travel wholesaler by TICO: 

TICO examines all complaints to see if there has been a breach of the Travel Industry Act, 2002 and/or Ontario Regulation 26/05. When a complaint involves allegations of non-compliance with the Act, the Registrar will undertake the necessary compliance and enforcement activities. TICO will require the registered travel company involved to initiate corrective measures in an effort to prevent similar situations from affecting future travelers. Any compliance activity is dealt with separately from assisting with resolution of the complaint. Any compliance or enforcement related activities conducted by TICO are confidential and are between the travel agency and/or travel wholesaler and TICO.